Amanda Blumenthal is the premier Intimacy Coordinator for film and television in Los Angeles.


Whether your scenes deal with nudity, sex, kink, LGBTQ issues, or any other intimate topics, Amanda will ensure that the show's creative vision is realized and that filming proceeds smoothly while providing the actors with a safe environment in which to do their best work.

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An intimacy coordinator ensures that the process of filming intimate scenes goes smoothly, both behind the camera and on the screen. 


In order to do this, some of the services that an intimacy coordinator brings to a show include: 

  • Facilitating dialogue between the actors and director about their comfort level with the intimate content of a scene

  • Preparing actors emotionally for intense intimacy scenes, such as simulated sexual assault, and providing them with support throughout the process, as well as emotional aftercare if needed

  • Making sure that during the filming of a scene the boundaries of the actors are not being crossed and that they remain safe throughout, both physically and emotionally

  • Providing a safe environment in which actors can do their work

  • Ensuring that closed set and SAG nudity guidelines are followed

  • Serving as an on-set advocate and ally for LGBTQAI+ cast members

  • Choreographing simulated sex scenes to enhance believability

  • Coordinating with departments such as costumes and makeup to make sure that the actors are provided with appropriate nudity garments and prosthetics

  • Interviewing potential cast members to make sure they are comfortable with the nudity and/or simulated sex required of the role they are auditioning for before they are hired

  • Negotiating nudity riders between the show and the actors and their representatives



In the wake of the #MeToo movement, hiring an Intimacy Coordinator is the best way to put everyone at ease. 


No one wants to feel unsafe, threatened, or disempowered at work. Inherent in the actor-director relationship is a power dynamic in which actors often feel like they have to do whatever the director asks of them, even if they aren't comfortable with it. As an actor, saying no to the director is hard, which is where having an intimacy coordinator comes in.

The intimacy coordinator works with the actors and the director separately at first to find out from the director what their creative vision for the scene is, and then what the actor's boundaries are. With this information, the intimacy coordinator then facilitates a dialogue between the parties in which they negotiate an outcome that appeals to both the director's vision and the actor's comfort level. By having the intimacy coordinator there, actors can feel confident that their boundaries will be honored and respected. 

For actors, feeling safe at work also includes not being harassed by fellow actors or crew members, especially when dealing with intimate material. As part of the process, the intimacy coordinator has a discussion with each of the actors involved in intimate scenes separately about what sort of behavior is appropriate in between takes to make sure that everyone is comfortable. The intimacy coordinator is also available during the shoot to talk to crew members if someone's behavior is inappropriate and affecting the work.    


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